Sunday, August 27, 2000

>Crucial Market Data: Various Indices and Turnover

NSE India Turnover Value (total TurnOver in NSE Exchange)

India Price/Book Ratio

S&P CNX NIFTY (Index of NSE 50 stocks)

NSE CNX 100 INDEX (Index of Top 100 NSE Stocks)

NSE CNX IT Index (Index of IT Companies in NSE)

NSE CNX MIDCAP Index (Index of MidCap Companies in NSE)

NSE S&P CNX 500 (Index of top 500 companies in NSE)

India ADR GDR (Index of Indian adr & gdrs)

MSCI Emergining Market Index

>Crucial Market Data: Futures OI and Turnover

Index Future OI Contracts (total open interest in Index Futures)

Stock Future OI (total open interest in Stock Futures)

Index Future Turnover (total Index Futures Traded)

Stock Future Turnover (total Stock Futures Traded)

>Crucial Market Data: Options OI and Turnover

Index Call Option OI (total open interest in Index Call Option)

Index Put Option OI (total open interest in Index Put Options)

Index Call Option Turnover (total Index Call Options turnover)

Index Put Option Turnover (total Index Put Options Traded)

Stock Call Option OI (total open interest in Stock Call Options)

STK Put Option OI (total open interest in Stock Put Options)

Stock Call Option Turnover (total Stock Call Options Traded)

STK Put Option Turnover (total Stock Put Options Traded)

>Crucial Market Data: Advance/Decline

The charts are live. Refresh the page during mkt hours to see the latest figures.
NSE Advance Index (num of stocks advancing)

NSE Decline Index (num of stocks declining)

NSE Unchanged Index (num of stocks which didnot change)