Wednesday, May 24, 2006

>Nifty Analysis

Long time since we talked of Dear Nifty. Here are some Eagle's View on Nifty.

Before you read this, let me warn that anal'yzing Nifty is "fifty" times complex'er than regular EagleEyeing.
(And being correct on Nifty doesn't implies a great trader and vice versa. Nifty analysis is more of an exercise in creative thinking. :-) )

Wait, I have not yet given up.
I have a decent record in dealing with Nifty and her husband Sensational Sensex (click click).

Before we go on to looking at oil and dollar is making Indian Mkts a wee bit juicer.
Dollar Chart

Now for the Slippery Crude. (Spend less on petrol and buy stocks from that cash)

and now the most sophisticated chart. (hold your nose)
This is the sexy NSMidCap index. (dont ask, what that means)
this broader index gives a more complete view of wider market, and all detailed embeded in image.

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