Tuesday, June 06, 2006

>Trading the Elliott Waves

This post details out the simple Elliott Wave ideas on how to trade various waves.
Apparently many people dislike Elliott Wave analysis for its apparent complexity and the amount of thinking it may demand all the time. With time this reduces and gets more easy.

The images in this post would show how... :-)

>General Structure

>Trading Wave 1

>Trading Wave 2

>Trading Wave 3

>Failure of Wave 3

>Trading Wave 4

>Trading Triangle in Wave 4 or Wave B

>Trading Wave 5

>Trading Wave A

>Trading Wave B

>Trading Wave C


Sanjayt said...

I dont think i had come across such a concise EW article anywhere all in 1 page.
You have a knack of putting things in short and still clearly understandable.
Keep it Up friend.

Anbu said...

Excellent work friend