Tuesday, June 13, 2006


What is maturity?
Maturity is the ability to control anger and settle differences without violence or destruction. Maturity is patience. It is the willingness to pass up immediate pleasure in favor of the long-term gain. Maturity is perseverance, the ability to sweat out a project or a situation in spite of heavy opposition and discouraging set-backs. Maturity is the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration,d iscomfort and defeat, without complaint or collapse. Maturity is humility. It is being big enough to say, "I was wrong." And, when right, the mature person need not experience the satisfaction of saying, "I told you so."

Maturity is the ability to make a decision and stand by it. The immature spend theirl ives exploring endless possibilities; then they do nothing.

Maturity means dependability, keeping one's word, coming through in a crisis. The immature are masters of the alibi. They are the confused and the disorganized. Their lives are a maze of broken promises, former friends, unfinished business, and good intentions that somehow never materialize.

Maturity is the art of living in peace with that which we cannot change, the courage to change that whichs hould be changed -- and the wisdom to know the difference.

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I think its life changing to read this. Thanks to whoever originally wrote this.
Source: A friend.

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karan said...

Brilliant read. But some sentences are not true -
"The immature are masters of the alibi. They are the confused and the disorganized." - (1) being a master of an alibi + deception has nothing to do with maturity. Take examples of spies like Kim Philby (A soviet spy who almost headed MI6) (2) confusion and disorganization, for many, is limited to everything other than their area of focus (work) - take brilliant scientists etc. So this is true only if reference is to work.