Thursday, May 12, 2005

>Some Good Techncial Pages For World Mkts

Some good location to track imp world indices , interest rates, gold, oil, etc.
Here in this pages you would get a ready made charts in many time frames for many items and that too full of indicators and systems and commentary. >> Tracking a few would sure help in learning more. <<
  1. Brain Food > (Good to see 30 Year Bond, Bank Index, Russel and Nikkei)
    1. Dow,
    2. 30 Year Bond,
    3. Bank Index,
    4. DJI Transportation Index
    5. Nasdaq 100
    6. Russel 2000 small cap.
    7. Tokoyo Nikkei Average
  2. Trend Channel Magic (I Love channels, and this page shows Dow, Nasdaq and Russel in Various time frames, If you have to look into details to ascertain immediate trends this is the place. I visit this one daily.)
    1. Dow (20 day , 5 min charts)
    2. Dow (40 day, Hr charts)
    3. Dow (365 days, Hr charts)
    4. Nasdaq (20 day , 5 min charts)
    5. Nasdaq (40 day, Hr charts)
    6. Nasdaq (365 days, Hr charts)
    7. Russell 2000 20-day/5-minute
  3. FIBONACCI FORECASTER (This is a good page to develop Eliott Wave related skills. The author also sends a daily email which has his analysis and views for many important indices and commodity, The page focuses on elliott wave analysis and is good to see the counts and predicted future moves)
    1. Nasdaq.
    2. ACBOE Options Total Put/Call Ratio
    3. Dow
  4. Matthew Frailey (commodity, usd etc are attractive)
    1. CRB index (Average of Many Commodity )
    2. Gold EOD Charts
    3. US Dollar Index
    4. Large Cap vs Small Cap Performace Picture (interesting)
    5. 10 Year Rates, UST10Y
    6. Austria
When you visit this links, visit the "Next" Pages also. Each author has more than 1 page.

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