Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nse Nifty Technical Analysis 22-Oct-2011

In continuation of the previous post, we now have a stop loss at 4900 for the bullish view of nifty reaching 5350 and 5400.. Chart Attached.


Sachin said...

Hats off.!!

When everyone was bullish you gave a lower target of 4700 area and nifty slided down to those levels.

And when whole market was talking of crashing further down you talked of reversal to 5350-5400 area and again this has happened...!!!!!

This cannot be luck.
Hats off..
What can we expect further from current levels?

Sachin Bhawani

Sourabh Mudgal said...

Hello Rajeev, Do you still take technical seminars.If yes I would like to attend one. I checked aiii group but didnot find any recent mention of it.
earlier I could not do it due to work pressure, but now I want to focus on trading.

Sourabh Mudgal said...

By the way forgot to mention that, your nifty analysis is quite interesting and most of the time on the mark.. keep us updated.


Amit said...

test..good blog.