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>Nifty 12-02-2006

Most things remains same as earlier posts.
Targets remain the same. To read previous post refer this links.

>Nifty 06-02-2006
>NSE Long and Near Term Channels and Targets
>NSE 27-01-2006

Now Stop loss raised to 2980 or 2990.
This regular raising of stop loss as mkt moves is what locks in the profits. Just rise with the trend..

In AIII group check this post. Have sent charts of channels of many stocks.
channels of many stocks..

Channels are great stuff. a few more points..
  • Stocks tend to move from one channel to another.
  • A crack of channel line to up-side takes us to next higher channel.
  • and a crack on downside takes us to the lower trend channel.
  • A crack of even the lower trend channel means that the trend is reversing. (if it was up)
  • A crack of upper trend channel on upside on log scale means the trend is very powerful and can expect more moves. (in case this was not the last upthrust, speaking elliott wise)
Heard news of Iran and US impending conflict.
  • Not a good things.
  • Gold and Oil can shoot up and so would general commodities.
  • Rising commodity prices would -ve impact earning.
  • Also the harsh action of US to uni-laterally show aggression would have -ve impact on dollars and a sliding dollar would inpact Indias/Asias export led companies.
  • Importing companies would find their profits rising.
Did you try EagleEye till now?
EagleEye is a simple tool for get Live data price volume in Ami. ( would soon get extened to other tools and date sources)
Its works great and the data speed is amazing.
Please read this links and download the attachments.
Setup the tools as shown in the documensts you downloaded from groups.
earlier to market open, Login into or in your yahoo mails.
Start EE and add wings to your trading with live data.

Download from here a demo copy of EE... Read the documets in the zip file to get more ideas.

Download a Ami Data System which is fully loaded with a ton of historical intraday data. here...

for Amibroker visit its a great tool for trading.

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