Monday, February 13, 2006

>Nifty 13-02-2006

post on >Nifty 19-01-2006 go long at 2875 area...

latest post yesterday.. >Nifty 12-02-2006 stop loss advised at 2980

2875 to 3035 now... = 160 pts

aggressive stop loss now at 3020
3025 was a good resistance with nifty kissing it 4 times earlier to crossing.
we keep our stop loss 5 pts under it.

A larger more acomodative stop loss is at 2980 which is same as that in earlier posts.
One can even take some profit if 3020 is cracked and get long again at 2980 lows with again a 10 pts stop.

note: the analysis in this log is only for spot prices and not for futures. (unless explicitly stated)

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