Monday, March 06, 2006

>Sensex Yearly View.(alert for long term holders)

Open chart in new window to look into details.

A few points which u need to keep in mind while looking at long term technicals.
1. Tehnical analysis is a pathetic tool when it comes to long term. (with this read the rest !)
2. Long term fries, grills and toasts most techno-anal-yeast.. haha

For the serious ideas.
1. there is a very good chance a long term top happening soon.
2. the waves are gelling and yelling for this.
3. approximately some where after 1 year or so should create a good purchase area.
4. do serious profit-taking when index hits the top levels shown. I think the chances that you repent this multi-year profit taking is very less.
5. this view can fail and you cant sue me that.! use at ur own risk.

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