Friday, March 10, 2006

>Some interesting Technical Analysis Pages


Visit the few pages linked under.
  1. Purpose is just to see and explore the thouhts of many people.
  2. See the systems they use.
  3. ask yourself the why part
  4. to compare you views/analysis/notes with them.
  5. to know more and keep the mind stimutaled.

~~~~~ Brain Food ~~~~~ Does Elliott Waves and stuff.

Market Analysis and Technical Setups more into Traditional Technical Patterns

//////// TREND CHANNEL MAGIC/////// Successfully uses the very-simple concept of price trend and channel to make good trading decisions.

FIBONACCI FORECASTER This one whose mails and ideas i sent to group is quite well known and has nice ideas. Focuses on Elliott Waves and Time Cycles. A Good place to remain updated on Many things technical. A good place to read sometime to have a wider view.

Thats all for now.
If you have interesting links please post them in comments to this post.

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