Thursday, March 02, 2006

>State bank of India.. A technical Look into Future

Older view was posted on 2-March-2006. Lets see what has happened 4.5 months later.
Stock went up and did the upper target of 1025.
The fell to 850 area.. went up again near to previous highs and finally collaped.
See the previous image and the projected sequence..! ;-)

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View Summary
Short Term.-> Expect more consolidation and purchase at lower supporting trenline of the small triangle with a small stop.
Medium term->expect to touch 1000-1025 or more.
Longer term ->Expect a large corerction after the medium term target is achieved.

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Anonymous said...

looks like it can tocuh but there is huge resitance at
933 940 zone...

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with ur comments..
i think SBI has target arnd 1200-1300 before any major correction..
n stock split news is just round the corner..
so have watch on it..

Anonymous said...

I love to suck the blood of such fools who thrive on optimism and enthusiasm. I sold to this idiot at 1050. Hope to buy it back from him when he sells it to save his house.

Bear Grip!