Wednesday, September 20, 2006

>Computer Safety

Though this log is devoted to market, I think this post will help a lot of traders safegurad their pc.

Keep the following with your for great performace and safety.

1. Firewall is a must and i trust Zone Alarm free
Use of Firewall is first defense. Like keep home clean.

2. Antivirus I trust Avg Antivirus Free
You can also try Anti-Vir Free

3. Spyware remover. In case you get spies in ur comp.
Especially if you use comp to acess online accounts.
I trust Ad-Aware Personal

Also try WindowsDefender 2 (you need authentic Windows license for this)

Some more alternates are

Now this is just my small list.
If you love some other stuff do let us all know.
Drop a link in the comments of this post.

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