Thursday, September 21, 2006

>Incredible India—Formidable Futures

There is a campaign to promote tourism in India called Incredible India. This nicely alliterative slogan appeals to our quest for the different, for the exotic. There is a lot of the exotic in India, but are Indian futures really all that different than those traded in Chicago or London?

Well, to a corn-and-bean Midwesterner, or even a jaded New Yorker, guar seeds, chana and urad sound pretty exotic and they just happen to be the first, second, and fifth most actively traded physical commodity products in India.

Over the next few pages we will explore the main features of futures markets in India by contrasting them with their siblings in the United States. We do this not to make judgments about one being better than the other, but rather to help us to know something new by comparing it to something already known.

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