Tuesday, September 12, 2006

>Tentative Reliance Rates for RTrade

Reliance brokerage charges for rtrade being inagurated soon.
Brokerage Charges are on the basis of volume as per under.
(Cash,Derivative,Forex or u can trade any product under this card)

Rs. 500 - 1 Cr. volume(Max. 10% Delivery) validity-2mths
Rs.1300 -3 Cr. volume(Max. 10% Delivery) validity-6mths
Rs.2500 - 6 Cr. volume(Max. 10% Delivery) validity-12mths

Transaction Cost : Rs. 12 per transaction

One is through calling to ur broker then through reliance direct: they have a toll free number also then threough kiosks installed everywhere.

Theres good news! most probably R-trade will start in the comming week!

To heck with other high chargers..! at last. :-)

Note: the figures are not official and this is what is generally heard on the street.

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