Saturday, November 11, 2006


You Don't Have to See the Future, to Know We'll Be Watching These Markets One Day

A fascinating short video details what may be coming around the corner for the world markets. Let's just say that Trade-Ideas will one day include the Brazilian, Russian, Indian, and Chinese equity markets. Here's the picture Goldman Sachs sees:
Over the next 50 years, Brazil, Russia, India and China--the BRICs economies-- could become a much larger force in the world economy. We map out GDP growth, income per capita and currency movements in the BRICs economies until 2050.

The results are startling. At the projected pace, in less than 40 years, the BRICs economies together could be larger than the G6 in US dollar terms. By 2025, they could account for more than half the size of the G6. Of the current G6, only the US and Japan may be among the six largest economies in US dollar terms in 2050. The list of the world's ten largest economies may look quite different in 2050. The largest economies in the world (by GDP) may no longer be the richest (by income per capita), making strategic choices for firms more complex.

Over the past several years we have produced a series of research reports and recently introduced a virtual tour to share this story.

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