Friday, November 10, 2006

>Trading and Technical Analysis Seminar

Welcome to "Eagle Trading Seminar".

The goal of seminar is to establish a thought process which is conducive to successful trading.
To focus onto the basics and to create the framework which helps in achieving trading goals.

Date: Sunday 19th Nov 2006.
Time for Online Seminar: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.(or 8-9pm if needed)

Find the outline of the seminar underneath.

Contact details
To know more or to reserve your seat for the seminar in coming weekend:
Send an email to: Subject: Eagle Seminar
or call on: 98608 51052

This is a paid semianr. Charge: 5000 rs.
Payment details will be sent in email on request.

We also hold seminar in Pune. You can also send email or call to know about that.


Tanmay G Purohit (Nasik) said...

Do take this opportunity and join the seminar of Rajeev. I had joined this seminar when he just started taking seminars. In fact it was his first seminar. But Rajeev is really good at explaining Technical Analysis and various other terms. I will suggest everybody associated with the mkt to join Rajeev in the seminar. I am sure that Rajeev can explain much better than most of the people. Do take this opportunity!

Anonymous said...

This was really a good eye opener I should say. Though I had some basic ideas abt these charts, in many cases I was not able to read them. But this session was really helpful in understanding the nuances of Charts and had a good overview of almost all concepts that is required for trading. A really good show by Mundra. Also, the session not only taught abt charts, it did cover a lot of other Rules of Trading and Risk Management concepts.

A totally well defined syllabus, with clear teaching methodology, I would certainly recommend every one you to undergo this seminar. Really worth it !!

Thanks Rajeev & Good Luck.


Rish said...

i did online session with rajeev and it really helped me build my foundation and confidence in TA.Its worth each penny attend it if you think trading is a serious bussiness.

Haresh Patel said...

I attended the seminar by Mr. Rajeev Mundra and it is my openion that any one interested person and active trader MUST attend this seminar at least once. Mr. Rajeev is having deep understandings of TA and he is too much clear about his knowledge. I realised that the person i meet is not only ideological but also practical. The style of presentation is good and any one can understand the logic of investment in Stock Market. As i know, the people are LOOSING their HARD EARNED MONEY in stock market due to lack of proper knowledge. Rajeev is providing this valuable knowledge at too much low cost. The basics of TA are covered fully but the Risk /Reward ratio is inportant than others. I again appriciates the efforts by Rajeev for investors as well as Traders. Only Interested person must attend the seminar and i guarantee him for complete satisfaction. He is also positive thinker and focusses all the aspects of TA.

My heartiest best wishes to him and hope he will be able to disclose more secrets of the market in very very simple words.

Haresh Patel

Bob Singh said...

I have been trading for over 2 years, and started with almost zilch knowledge and technicals. However, over two years I have been able to build substantial wealth with the fundamental and investing and economics knowledge that I came with, coupled with the trading and technical skills that I learned under the able and patient guidance of Rajeev Mundra.
Rajeev is one of best teachers of technical trading and attending his session would not only teach the novice but also the accomplished. Interacting with other traders who attended along with me was in itself a profitable activity.
One must not forget that Rajeev comes with impeccable qualifications having been a software engineer at one of the leading software companies, as well as an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology.
I would strongly recommend attending this training session.

Pushkar said...

The seminar is a wonderful idea to trade. You will be surprised to see that all the ideas that you had been using till now and were making loss were supposed to make loss. Rajeev will give you a detailed explanation of how people go wrong and sadly you will fit into most of them. Apart from reducing the loss making which is the most important thing in trading, the technical analysis tools he talks off do help you in making good money. Its worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

Rajeev's teaches how simple it is to trade using technical Analysis. He makes one understand various technical analysis tools easily. Good work Rajeev. Keep it up. Do attend the seminar

Anonymous said...

Rajeev's presentation requires a big pat on the shoulder. The concepts he teaches are good and easy to learn. Do take time and attend his seminar, Puneikars and Non puneikars too.

pradeepks said...

It had been a wonderful experience to be in Seminar of Rajeev - an eyeopener. It is not only the theoretical ideas but the practical insights of trading and analysis that I feel most useful in this case. I would recommend this strongly to anybody who is planning to put their hard earned money in the stock, currency or commodities markets of the world. Good luck rajeev.. and all past andfuture participants of the seminar... and thanks a thousand times Rajeev, for the invaluable information...

Harish Nagpal said...

I have attended many seminar on technical analysis like larry willian,dhiraj mohinder etc but rajeev ways are clear & simple.I think the effort he is putting is appreciable. The person who is into trading needs to learn technical & rajvev/s seminar can provide the basic foundation of luck to rajeev .do join

abhay bora said...

dear rajeev,u r relly GURU.u r the only who was telling that heavy we ights r cracking through channels and seeing downtrend ,when everybody was telling index to touch at 14000.Then u told after 3400 that nifty first target at 3200 and then at 3000, it also happened ,a good analysis.Again u told that nifty may touch at 2620 , this also happened.Its a really good analysis.I attended ur seminar fortnight before, u had really refreshed Elliot wave theory(u r elliotician really),risk management & so on with good examples in simple language.I was benefited at this crucial time by risk management and ofcourse by seminar.I was told about u by my pune friend sangsham maniyar,he is yet 2 attend ,but i was benefited by seminar. many thanks to RAJEEV GURU.

Karan said...

Rajeev has deep knowledge and impeccable crediantials, and is additionally a very good teacher.
His explanation is clear & crisp and he can make even beginners have a steep learning curve. Rajeev also shares his experience alongwith lots of live examples.

1> The content and flow is good.
2> Coverage is adequate.
3> There is a lot of stress (direcly and indirectly) on students to ask all the right questions before making a trade. Which is great because most people want ready answers to everything :).
3> Some suggestions -
(a) In case of beginners present alongwith others with a little more knowledge, the speed slows down drastically. So if we could have advanced users (iff possible) in a seminar, the breadth & depth would be fantastic.

Cheers Rajeev, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

please tell me when the next seminar would be. I would like to attend it.