Wednesday, November 22, 2006

>Six Battles For Big Pharma


What it is


Medicare reform

Would remove a clause that prevents the U.S. government from negotiating directly with drug firms.

Could allow the government to force lower drug prices

Drug importation

A law allowing patients to get cheap drugs from Canada looks increasingly likely.

Probably minimal, but the industry would lose face.

Prescription Drug User Fee Act reauthorization

The law that lets the drug industry fund the FDA in return for faster drug approvals is up for review.

A delay could slow the FDA; drug safety laws could be attached to it.

Patent reform

Basic reforms might make it more difficult to file multiple patents on a drug.

Limits on whether big pharmaceutical firms can make deals with generic drug makers are possible.

Medicaid reform

The system purchases drugs for the poor. A 2005 law already sought to save money.

Many prescription drugs, like those for schizophrenia, actually have much of their market share here.

Drug safety

Two bipartisan bills aim to make the FDA more powerful.

Will likely force the drug industry to disclose more data and do more studies. Drugs may carry stronger warnings.

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The changes in US would have a big efect on Indian Pharma companies also.

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